Solar IP Camera

Powered by solar panel and battery, totally wireless and eco-friendly with easy accessibility. Solar IP camera is the perfect security solution for places unwilling to wiring or remote areas without stable grid power, like garden, pond, farm, highway etc.

3 Types of Solar IP Camera

Quick Comparison for 3 Types

Low-power Solar IP Camera

Plug and Play, Only accessed by APP in your phone and tablet, don't support ONVIF. Low-power solar IP camera will go to sleep when no motion deteted. It will be triggered to awake on motion detected or APP live view. And the response time is within 0.6 second. That's why low-power solar IP cameras can keep working even it's rainy for weeks, in a small size of battery.


Low-power Solar IP Camera


Low-power Solar IP Camera


Low-power Solar IP Camera


Low-power Solar IP Cmera

24/7 Solar IP Camera

Easy installation and use, can be accessed by your phone, tablet and PC, support ONVIF. 24/7 solar IP camera will keep monitoring and recording all the day and night, even if there is no motion. Strictly, it is a security solution of IP camera that powered by solar. So it is suitable for projects which require a high-level security. That's why 24/7 solar IP cameras need big battery and solar panel, and of course are more expensive than low-power solar IP cameras, also take more time to install.


BC-40A & BC101-S

3G/4G Solar Power Bullet IP Camera

BC-40A & BC207-S

3G/4G Solar Power PTZ IP Camera

BC-40B & BC207-S

3G/4G Solar Power PTZ IP Camera

Dual-mode Solar IP Camera

Dual-mode Solar IP Camera is an amazing camera with high technology. Dual modes (ie. Low-power and 24/7 mode) can be manually shift and also will automatically go to low-power mode when battery below 40%. So it has both advantages of low-power solar IP cameras and traditional IP cameras. Easily access by phone, tablet and PC, while can keep working even it's rainy for weeks.



(New Arrival)
3G/4G Solar Power Bullet IP Camera


(New Arrival)
3G/4G Solar Power PTZ IP Camera
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