Solar Bracket BC40A

Features of Baitecam Solar Bracket

The main body is made of aluminum alloy, robust and anti-rust.

This fitting pole accessory is removable and fits most cameras in the market, such like Hikvision etc.

Fitting pole is hollow-design, able to hide the wiring, protect the cable from erosion.

High-efficiency mono-crystalline solar panel, with 20 years lifespan.

Class A LiFePO4 battery, lifespan is up to 7 years.

Battery is integrated into the main body, easy for shipment and installation.

High-performance controller chip, ensure the whole system working steady and effecient.

LED indicators, easy to get the working status.

Fit for 80-100mm street pole, fixed with U-shaped hoop.

Hybrid adaptor is optional, for powering by solar and electricity.

Heating unit is optional for choice to make it function properly in cold areas.

IP67 waterproof and weatherproof.

Product Details and Dimensions

Model No.: BC40A3
Dimensions will be slightly different on other models (with larger solar panel and battery)
solar bracket - side

60W Solar Panel

High-efficiency mono 60W to 120W optional

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Hollow Fitting Pole

Compatible with most cameras in market, protect the cable from erosion.

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LED Indicator

Easy to read working status

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LiFePO4 Battery

Long lifespan, built-in, easy for shipment

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Assembled IP67 Body

Easy to knock-down and set-up;

Made of alluminum alloy, robust and anti-rust.

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Product Parameters

Solar panel and battery can be customized according to your demand
Model No. BC40A3 BC40A5 BC40A7
Backup Rainy Days * 3 days 5 days 7 days
Solar Panel 18V/60W 18V/80W 18V/100W
LiFePO4 Battery 12.8V/30Ah 12.8V/40Ah 12.8V/60Ah
Output Voltage 12V 12V 12V / 24V
Max. Output Power 20W 30W 30W
Transfer Efficiency 80% ~ 95% 90% ~ 98% 90% ~ 98%
Heating Unit Optional. Make system function properly in cold areas, even lower than -20℃.
Hybrid Power Adaptor Optional. Auto-shift to make system power by solar or electricity.
Material Alluminum alloy
Pole Diameter Fitness Suitable for 80~100mm street pole
Working Temp. -10℃ ~ +65℃
Working Humidity ≤ 95%
Net Weight 12KG 14.5KG 17KG
IP Rate IP67 waterproof and weatherproof

Easy installation, Plug And Play

No any electric skill required, just fix the screws and move in the sun

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SW1000 Solar IP camera

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SW1000 Solar IP camera

File size: 1.43 MB

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